Babolat Pure Drive Lite 2021 Tennis Racket


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Product Details

Playability: The Pure Drive Lite 2021 is a great option for the Intermediate tournament players looking for control-oriented racquet.
String pattern: Wider Cross-Strings (Open 16×19 string pattern) for added Power, Control and Spin.
Specifications:Material – Graphite | Weight (Unstrung) – 270 grams | String Pattern – 16/19 | Head size – 645 | Balance – 340 mm | Length – 685 mm / 27 in | Grip Size – 4 3/8 | Beam – 23/26/23 mm | String Tension – 50-60 lbs | Playing Level – Intermediate | Ideal for – Tournament Players.

Woofer: The Woofer eliminates string lock-up: the strings are free to move. The first dynamic system which makes the frame and the strings interact when striking the ball.
FSI POWER Technology: The Wider spacing between the cross strings to boost power, spin, comfort and playability!
Cortex Pure Feel: Babolat has designed this material technology to provide a great sound at impact along with a cleaner, more direct feel and extends the SMAC (viscoelastic rubber) layer further up the shaft for increased dampening.
HTR System: Babolat strengthens the hoop surrounding the hitting area. The result is more stability and power at impact!



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