Head Prestige Pro 2021 Tennis Racket


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Product Details

Benefits for the player: Control – Stability

The Head Prestige Pro weighs 320g and is balanced at 31cm for greater stability. The heavy weight allows you to easily counter your opponents thanks to a very interesting punch.
The small 630cm² headsize will require a good level of technique and fitness but will appeal to players who want to limit the trampoline effect and increase their control.
The very tight 18×20 string pattern will allow the ball to make contact with as many strings as possible so you can place the ball anywhere you want. The consistent 20mm frame profile will further accentuate ball control.

Player Type:

This physically and technically demanding racquet is for advanced players looking for precision.


Auxetic: Specific construction used in the Yoke of the racquet. The carbon fibers are woven in a special way to provide better feedback on the hit and a better feel for the game.
Graphene: Graphene in the racquet for durability
Elongated Shaft: Enlarged throat of the racquet for more flexibility and control
Box Beam: Square shaped frame for more control
Full Cap: Prestige’s signature grommets: present throughout the racquet to maximize feel of the game



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