Prince 03 Legacy 120 Tennis Racket


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Product Details

This Prince 03 Legacy 120 racquet is ideal for players who are looking for a powerful and forgiving racquet. The large head size and the O3 technology offer an exceptional trampoline effect. The very comfortable Prince Legacy racquet displays a metallic purple design.
The very forgiving racquet possesses a generous 774cm² head size and the O3 technology to optimise the sweet spot. This Prince O3 Legacy 120 racquet will be very forgiving when you do not contact the ball directly in the centre of the racquet head.
The 260g weight and the 35.5cm balance will enable you to hit powerful shots without losing manoeuvrability. The longer racquet (69.2cm) will add extra speed to your racquet head to enable you to develop more power. This will particularly assist you when you are serving of hitting a 2 handed backhand (lever effect optimised).
The powerful O3 Legacy 120 racquet possesses a 16×19 string pattern. This will provide a longer contact time between your racquet and the ball in order to bring you more control. You will be able to keep the ball in the court even with powerful shots from the baseline!
Type of Player :
-senior players who are looking for tolerance and an easier racquet to play with
Technologies :
-TeXtreme Twaron : Use of carbon fibres that are spread out to be 20% lighter and ensure additional stability. The addition of the Twaron material will bring you more comfort and feel.
– Anti Torque System : Addition of the Twaron TeXtreme at the 2 and 10 o’clock areas of the frame to improve torsion stability and allow you to gain power.
– O3 : A system that replaces standard grommets with holes to optimise the sweet spot, enhance aerodynamism and allow you to generate more spin and power with the optimised trampoline effect.



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