Tecnifibre TF-X1 275 Tennis Racket


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Product Details

  • Lightest in the TF-X1 range
  • Maximum stability, playability and comfort
  • Great precision even on off-centred shots

Tennis is a confrontational and combat sport. A quest for balance between strength and control, attack and defense. It is a very intense sport and players need to organise quicker and be able to play powerful shots in any position.


TF-X1 is our new generation racquets created to boost power while maximizing stability, playability and comfort.New frame ergonomy has been optimized with rounder head shape and reinforced frame sections to offer more power and stability.


The evolutive sections design named Isoflex, is stiffer on shorter strings and softer on longer strings for consistent string bed’s flexibility. As a result, the player keeps the same speed and precision on centered & off-centered hits.X-Damp, the new Tecnifibre dampening technology, reduces racquet’s harmful vibrations by 36% for best comfort, less fatigue and more performance.




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