Wilson Blade 98 18x20 v8.0 Tennis Racket


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Product Details

The Wilson Blade 98 18×20 V8.0 racquet continues the line of previous versions while improving stability and feel.
With a 632cm² headsize, this racquet will provide hitting precision for players who are physically confident and can easily center the ball.
Its weight of 305g with a balance of 32cm, allows it to be very stable so that you can invest yourself fully in each shot with the assurance of controlling the ball! In addition, the new Direct Connect Handle technology will provide 16% more stability than the previous model.
The Wilson Blade’s square “Flat Beam” section is known for its low profile (20.6 mm) which increases stability and control.
The 18×20 string pattern will accentuate the accuracy of this model due to the large amount of string in the hitting area that will allow you to have a greater grip on your shots.
This racquet takes the first step towards eco-friendly racquets with grommets and a butt cap made from recycled polymer.
Player Type:
– Advanced level players looking for a racquet that provides precision and feel
Technologies :
-Fortyfive°: Fortivefive° is the new name for the Feel Flex technology already present in the Blade V7.0. This technology provides greater flexibility in the racquet frame, as well as improved feel, comfort and touch.
– Direct Connect Handle: Modification of the structure inside the handle to provide 16% more stability and a better feel for the game.
– Agiplast grommets: Grommets and butt cap made by Agiplast from a recycled and recyclable plastic polymer



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