Wilson Pro Staff 97RF Tennis Racket


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Product Details

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF racquet is one of the most demanding racquets known to date. A particularly effective weapon for powerful players seeking stability and manoeuvrability.
Weighing in at 340g with a balance of 30.5cm, the Pro Staff 97 RF will allow fit players to hit the ball hard while providing added stability and manoeuvrability for players with a high level of fitness.
In addition, its 626 cm² head and thin frame made of graphite will enhance control and deliver an exceptional playing feel.
The 16×19 string pattern is relatively open and offers more spin.

Once again, become a legend with this Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF racquet that will allow you to deliver heavy strikes while hitting specific areas to give your opponents a good workout.

Player Type :

– Physically and technically strong players looking for accuracy, spin and stability.

Technologies :

 Braided Graphite: The frame construction in Kevlar and graphite limits vibrations and enhances playing comfort and ball control.
– Braid 45: a 45-degree arrangement of kevlar fibers designed to make them breathe in order to improve stability and feel at play
 String Mapping: increasing string density to improve accuracy and feel.
 Ergo End Cap: Grip end voluntarily enlarged for better ergonomics



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