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To celebrate 75 years, Yonex are releasing a unique collection. Inspired by their classics, this new line plays homage to Yonex’ most iconic 70s and 80s designs.
Yonex Eclipsion Mens tennis shoes offer exceptional performance across all tennis surfaces. These all court tennis shoes feature a range of technologies across the upper, midsole and outsole of the tennis shoe.
• 3 Layer Power Cushion is a signature shock absorption system. Power cushion absorbs impact and rebounds it to help spring you into your next step. The 3-layer power cusion is soft enough to rebound an egg without cracking, but aid in power for leaps and explosive dives.
• ToughBrid Lite is a foam used in the shoe for cushioning to reduce stress on the foot and heels. The Lite version provides the same cushioning as the original but is 11% lighter.
Power Graphite Sheet is a midsole component that uses a weave to create a solid midsole and ehnahces durability.
• Round Sole improves the gait of the foot by allowing grip from the heel through to the front of the toes. The rounded effect aids in a more flowing movement.
• T.P.U for more flexibility and durability.
Double Russel Mesh upper that aids in ventilation while helping provide structure at a light weight.
Dura Skin – improved upper design increases durability and comfort.
• Quattro Fit – the fit of the shoe has been improved by reducing the excess space inside the shoe for extra stability. Space is reduced in front of the 4th and 5th toe, where the shoe upper meets the top of the toes, around the midfoot and the sides of the heel. The idea is the shoe wraps closer to the foot for increased court feel and the feel that the shoe reacts exactly as you want your foot to. These changes hold the foot in place the shoe prevents slipping and rubbing.
• Synchro-Fit Insole for a secure contact between foot and shoe. This reduces energy wastage whilst on the court.



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