Yonex Ezone 100SL DEEP BLUE Tennis Racket


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Product Details

This Yonex Ezone 100 270g racquet is equipped with a 33cm balance in order to ensure additional manoeuvrability and allow you to quickly accelerate your racquet head.
The 645cm² head size will provide a very lively and powerful response and it will adapt to many different game styles.
The 23.5-26-22mm beam width is forgiving if you do not hit the ball directly in the centre of the racquet head and it puts forth extra power.
The 16×19 string pattern will contribute additional power and spin to your shots. Comfort has been enhanced by the Vibration Dampening System. This feature filters vibrations that go into the shaft. Meanwhile, the new M40X graphite is used in the throat of the racquet to provide more flexibility.
Type of Player :
This racquet is ideal for beginner to intermediate level players who are in search of a powerful racquet that offers comfort.
Technologies :
– Isometric : the isometric shaped frame optimises the ideal hitting zone (sweet spot), tolerance and power
– Vibration Dampening Mesh : material placed in the shaft to filter 30% of the vibrations that derive from hitting the ball in order to protect your arm, but also offer both touch and comfort
– M40X : use of stiff graphite in the frame to offer more power and use of a more flexible graphite in the throat of the racquet to ensure additional comfort, stability and control
– Liner Tech : increases the entry angle of certain strings to obtain a bigger sweet spot and offer more string movement



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